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Majestic Marketplace. 928-773-0313.
601 East Piccadilly Dr #95
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
In the Aspen Place
Shopping Center
  • Imported & Domestic craft beers
  • A wide variety of kegs
  • Local, national & Int'l wines
  • A choice of fine crafted liquors
  • Lottery tickets and scratchers
A fine local, national and international wine selection. A large selection of craft and import beer. All your favorite imported and domestic spirits. Kegs, kegs and more kegs. Hookahs and other smoking accessories. All the popular snacks for every event. A wide variety of chocolates, gum and other sweets. A wine selection for every discerning pallet. Your favorite domestic, imported and specialty beers. Full and pony kegs for every occasion. Your favorite top shelf and everyday liquor.

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