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Majestic Mobil.
601 Piccadilly Dr #95
 Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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Majestic Marketplace offers the Flagstaff, AZ areaDelivery Area
   Kachina Village, Bellemont, Baderville, Christmas Tree Lane
delivery of snacks, drinks, alcohol and anything sold at the store.


All delivery orders will receive a call-back BEFORE delivery to confirm 1) the order, 2) directions and 3) that someone will be waiting for the delivery at the destination.

The following conditions apply for every delivery:

• $5 or $10 fee for each delivery of any kind ($ = distance)*

• $10 fee for deliveries past the mall or Katchina Village*

• $10 per keg delivery fee (delivery optional) **

• Allow 1 hour (or more) per delivery - times vary widely «

• Majestic Marketplace reserves the right to limit the delivery area
   Kachina Village, Bellemont, Baderville, Christmas Tree Lane

• Credit card refunds take 2 - 7 days (bank processing)

• No delivery of alcohol to intoxicated parties

• To receive alcohol, everyone at destination MUST provide valid ID  

• It is the responsibility of the person ordering to confirm the order BEFORE delivery

• Harrassment of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in no-future-deliveries


= No exceptions
* = If you forget something and we have to delivery again, it's another $5
** = The $5 delivery fee is NOT added to this fee--this fee replaces the standard $5 delivery fee
« = No guarantees on delivery time.
» = Delivery area
   Kachina Village, Bellemont, Baderville, Christmas Tree Lane
(furthest points): Kachina Village, Bellemont, Baderville, Christmas Tree Lane
= These are non-negotiable state & federal liquor laws

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